• OCEAN is the sea and GLAM is glamor.
    OCEAN GLAM established as a total spa brand based on the concept of "unleash the original glamor of women with the power of the ocean".
    We are the brand that explores glamorous women with the magnificent and beautiful blessings of the Dead Sea.
  • Israel's national brand AHAVA researched minerals in the Dead Sea water.
    AHAVA created  "OSMOTER" that concentrates the water in a unique and special ratio which formulated into all products.
    AHAVA has developed unique brands not only in our own country, Israel, but also in 33 countries around the world, created human and environment-friendly skincare that revitalizes the skin from inside.
  • The Dead Sea also called a natural spa. From the ancient era, people visit there in search of beauty and healing.
    In 1989, biochemist Dr. Zeevi discovered that the water in a specific area in the Dead Sea has a very unique mineral proportion.
    AHAVA meticulously researched the water and succeeded in producing the water that is concentrated in its perfectly balanced special mineral ratio.  We call it Mineral Skin OSMOTER.
    Particularly, silicon (silica) and magnesium are indispensable minerals for beauty. The body, however, cannot produce minerals by itself, people need to increase the intake with food and care items.

    Silicon (silica)

    A firm bond makes the dermis elastic and properly renewed, which tightens and moisturizes the skin.


    Magnesium is also called "a mineral that creates beauty."
    OSMOTER contains 32 times as much magnesium as regular seawater.